My portfolio contains information on all aspects of my career and shares my vision of how a course should be managed. The work of a superintendent is usually defined by how his course is viewed and played. This website allows you to virtually share in what I have seen every day on the course. Click on 'Experience' above to begin.


Class “A” Superintendent with track record of providing increased playability, fast and firm surfaces, and overall healthy courses. I pride myself on being highly effective at finding a balance between water, fertility, and chemistry to reduce overall inputs when necessary, focusing on the purity of the game.





Less water


Playability over aesthetics


Proper balance of water and fertility to reduce pesticide use


Student of turn-of–the-century design


Bunkers are hazards


The green does not necessarily have to accept the shot


Flowers should be around the clubhouse, not on the golf course


— Extensive budgeting and adherence for various departments; proficient in    
     business software.


— Gained experience in tournament preparations and hosting, including the
     2004/2005 Michigan PGA Championship and the 1999 NY Metropolitan Amateur.


— Construction experience that includes:

           - Reconstruction of tees and bunkers at Deepdale Golf Club

           - Implemented plans with Architect Tripp Davis, modifying 2 putting greens
              at Deepdale Golf Club

           - Supervised the renovation of greenside bunkers at Chemung Hills


— Worked with film crews and photographers for ‘Pure Michigan’ advertisement